Price Intelligence and Optimization

Make Smarter Pricing Decisions in the Age of Information Transparency

The mobile, technology, and social revolution has led to the rise of the "super-shopper" - armed, informed, and vocal like never before. Today, most consumers begin their shopping online looking for the best prices and are more prepared for dynamic price changes.
Price wars occur in real time now, but some retailers and brands aren’t ready for this new reality. Not doing anything is not an option for retailers, especially for those that are in highly price-sensitive and hyper-competitive categories. As applicable to their situation, they need to deploy competitive price tracking, pricing intelligence, dynamic pricing, pricing analytics and pricing optimization.

Ugam’s Price Intelligence and Optimization solution is a SaaS-based solution that:
  • Aggregates and blends real-time competitive intelligence, e-demand signals, transaction data, retailer data, and third-party data to understand what a customer is willing to pay, and prices smartly in real time
  • Offers the most comprehensive and most accurate product-matching data
  • Is equipped with easy-to-use and insightful dashboards
  • Comes pre-built with a library of pricing models, a rules engine and a technology to deploy dynamic pricing and price optimization at scale
  • Provides clients with very specific recommendations from pricing and category analysts who bring deep decision-science capabilities

At the heart of Ugam’s Price Intelligence and Optimization solution is the most comprehensive and most accurate data - supported by cutting-edge product matching technology and synthesized with tried and tested pricing models. All of this is supported by robust technology and analytics services to enable multiple use cases (online and in-store) and delivery formats (dashboards, feeds, or detailed analyst readouts).

Because of its award winning technology and breadth of global experience, Ugam has succeeded in attracting and retaining brand name marquis clients. In fact, we are proud to say we have the highest client-retention rate in the industry.

Price intelligence and Dynamic Pricing are emerging as must-have capabilities that retailers need in order to stay relevant to consumers, and maintain a competitive edge.

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Make Smarter Pricing Decisions

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