Assortment Intelligence

Carry Consumer-Oriented Assortment to Compete Effectively

Consumer tastes change often, and in order to be in step with current trends, retailers need to constantly assess which products to keep, carry, and drop. Historically, retailers determined product assortment by analyzing transactional data, reviewing anecdotal information gleaned from suppliers, and examining third-party market share data. But this approach doesn’t factor in a new source of data that is available today – consumer e-demand signals, which includes search behavior, ratings, reviews, and social signals. This data can provide retailers with a competitive advantage that can significantly impact their business, as this data is current and valuable.

Ugam’s Assortment Intelligence solution:
  • Aggregates and analyzes competitive intelligence and consumer demand signals to select the product assortment that differentiates them from competitors and capitalizes on current consumer trends
  • Brings product intelligence to life, thereby supporting insightful analytics at brand, price, and attribute levels with its unmatched product-matching accuracy
  • Identifies assortment gaps and opportunities to differentiate offerings
  • Is complimented by analytics services to support deep dives in planning, SKU on-boarding, hind-sighting, and product-channel placement decisions, among others

Multi-channel retailers that sell across categories such as office supplies, electronics, home improvement, apparel, sporting goods, jewelry, and mass merchandisers are deploying Ugam’s Assortment Intelligence solution to carry the product assortment that consumers want, while leveraging competitive intelligence to differentiate themselves from other retailers. We are able to deliver specific recommendations by uniquely blending accurate data, multiple sources of data, a big-data technology platform, and analytics expertise to support retailers to drive very specific actions.

Price matching is a race to the bottom. Assortment intelligence can be leveraged to avoid playing the price-matching game by offering the right and differentiated assortment to serve the needs of the customer.

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