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Leverage Big Data Analytics to Drive Better Decisions on Pricing, Assortment, and Product Content

There is an ecommerce revolution underway that is evolving fast and is characterized by technology change, empowered shoppers, data explosion, and hyper-competition.
Consumers expect retailers to offer products they need at competitive prices, with superior customer service and the right product information during and after the shopping experience. This entails investments in understanding what consumers want not only from past transactional data, but by mining freely-available big data consumer signals such as reviews, ratings, search behavior, and social signals, while simultaneously being aware of competitive offerings.
Big data is a by-product of this paradigm change. It is a by-product of all the interactions and digital footprints and, at the same time, is also a fuel – a very useful fuel that allows retailers to understand what products their consumers want, what they are willing to pay, and what information they are seeking in a manner that is consistent with their shopping experience – be it at the store, on a mobile device, or a on a desktop.
Ugam’s Retail Intelligence solution combines data, a proprietary big data technology platform with deep analytics, and domain expertise delivered by a global services team. Our solutions support several merchandising and marketing use cases that enable retailers to better understand retail category intelligence and, ultimately, to drive better decisions.

Large multi-channel retailers across categories such as office supplies, electronics, sporting goods, apparel, and others are deploying Ugam's Retail Intelligence solutions to leverage big data analytics and drive better decisions.

Our solution is unique, as it blends deep domain expertise, a big data technology platform with outstanding analytics services to provide accurate, scalable and actionable insights supported by unmatched customer experience.

Make Better Decisions about Pricing, Assortment, and Content

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