Elementary, my dear ML

Ugam experts Sayanti Bhattacharya , Senior Manager and Ashwin Pai, Manager at Ugam, delivered an engaging session titled ‘Elementary, my dear ML’ at Machine Learning Developers Summit 2021. The session laid out the ML concept in simple terms and addressed how businesses can apply machine learning to drive results.

Multi-Touch Attribution: Fusing Math and Games

Analytics India Magazine partnered with Ugam's data science experts, Kartik Poduval and Santosh Moraes, to understand how MTA methodology with gaming roots is used to help Fortune 500 companies fine tune their marketing strategies.

Musicians & Data scientists Create Hits with Ensembles

In this video, Ugam experts Arpita Sur and Loveesh Bhatt talk about how data scientists can leverage stacked ensembles to improve performance of predictive models

Stacking Ensembles to Solve Kaggle Titanic Machine Learning from Disaster

In this video, Ugam expert Loveesh Bhatt demonstrates how ensemble modeling, built using different python libraries, can improve model accuracy and performance.

Data Platforms for AI / ML: Triggers and Tips

In this video, Geetha Apathotharanan, AVP & Head of Platform Engineering at Ugam shares the need and some practical learnings of building a data platform to deploy AI/ML.

Harnessing AI for Customer Sentiment, Product Content and Pricing Optimization

The digital economy has changed how customers interact with a brand, presenting new opportunities to build valuable relationships with brands. To seize these opportunities, marketers must keep up with the rich information exchange customers now expect.

Sensing and Shaping Consumer Demand in the New Normal

In this webinar, Lisa Katz and Manu Sharma discuss how consumer brands can develop an agile capability to sense evolving consumer preferences and accordingly shape decisions around demand.

Analyze Text Data Better

In this video, Ugam’s Dipti, Qualtrics CX expert, and Saritha, Text Analytics expert, share guidelines for conducting effective text analysis and leveraging Qualtrics Text iQ for actionable insights.

Better Decisions in an AI-Anxious World

In this video, Ugam Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Mihir Kittur, deconstructs the key elements of better decision making in an AI-anxious world.

Top Digital Imperatives for 2019: What Matters for Winning with Today’s Digitally Savvy Consumer

In this video, Brendan Witcher, VP / Principal Analyst at Forrester highlights the top tech investments for 2019 and why they are key to driving success in today’s world of digitized commerce.

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