Technology Transition Support

Mitigate the Cost and Risk Involved in Transitioning to New Technology

Most market research firms have a patchwork of data collection and analysis technology. Data collection is typically done on one platform, analysis on another, and reports in a yet another separate system. Such archaic and disparate systems cause delays, affect the accuracy, and hinder the company’s growth.
There is a crying need to re-haul and improve this technology to serve business needs efficiently. This calls for re-designing some processes and transitioning to newer technology solutions. However, undertaking process and technology changes are expensive, risky and fraught with delays. Resisting this change is not an option either.
Firms need to take action, and Ugam helps market research firms with technology infrastructure transitions by guiding them through the planning stage, ensuring a smooth implementation, and following up with a thorough post-installation review. We help our customers evaluate their existing processes and develop processes relevant to the new technology. This approach has consistently resulted in improved processes, faster turnaround, fewer touch points and, most importantly, the ability to deliver accurate data faster to clients.
We’ve worked on many large-scale technology transitions with our market research customers. These transitions have also included technology training, provisioning of skilled resources, market research project management and on-going technical coaching. Our strong process-driven approach and deep knowledge of several industry platforms has enabled us to seamlessly help them make the transition and achieve their goals.

Ugam’s Technology Transition Support:
  • Enables superior, low risk transitions on account of our comprehensive technical consulting expertise
  • Guarantees successful deployment with tried and tested methodologies for transitioning
  • Accelerates deployment through provisioning of skilled resources, training and on-boarding services

Ugam has played a vital role in successful technology transitions for over 20% of the Top 50 market research firms. This has been possible, thanks to our:
  • Technical expertise across technologies like IBM® Dimensions™, Confirmit™, Askia™ and Ascribe™
  • Tried and tested methodologies for transitioning
  • Unmatched technical depth in terms of skilled programming resources, trainers, and coaches
  • Closely integrated partnerships with IBM® Dimensions™, Confirmit™, Askia™ and Ascribe™

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