End-to-End Market Research Operations

Drive Profitable Growth by Focusing More on Your Clients' Needs and Less on Operations

Many market research and consulting firms struggle with how to cost-effectively scale their businesses, while still providing exceptional client experience.
As the research industry increasingly focuses on providing insights to clients, it is becoming challenging to effectively focus on running operations such as data collection and analysis at scale.
Ugam is a leading provider of research operations solutions to market research and consulting firms. Many of our clients are among the Global Top 50 Report and have benefited significantly from our support. Our operational expertise, combined with process and technology help many research companies overcome these challenges, thereby allowing them to focus on providing value to their customers.
We support market research firms by supplementing their operations with end-to-end solutions that include research operation management, data collection, survey programming, sample management, data processing, open-ended coding, data warehousing, advanced modeling, and reporting services.

Ugam’s End-to-End Market Research Operations solutions:
  • Enable you to delight your customers. Led by experienced project managers, our end-to-end research operations are reliable, accountable, and are aligned to meet your business needs
  • Allow you to leverage the benefits of our scale, process excellence, proven technology tools for guaranteed and accelerated operating performance improvements
  • Fit for purpose billing models to help you tackle peak business workloads effectively

We have pioneered this offering and are the largest and best provider of these solutions. This is evidenced by the fact that 13 of the Top 25 market research firms have partnered with Ugam. In most cases, Ugam is their largest or their only partner.

We enjoy long-tenured, high client retention and satisfaction thanks to our:
  • Superior domain expertise
  • Proven technology deployment
  • Reliable operational capabilities

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The Market Research Shift: How firms can build better client relationships

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