Our culture

Experience a unique culture that enables everybody to thrive. At Ugam, we pride in the unique culture we have built over the past years. We sum it up into these 5 key traits:

  1. Go the extra mile
  2. Free and open based on trust
  3. Flexibility with responsibility
  4. Fun at work
  5. Passion to succeed

Read further as some Ugamites share their first-hand experiences of our culture.

Go the extra mile

Anindita Mathur

Analytics, Bengaluru, India

Since I joined Ugam, I’ve been helping a client provide content intelligence to channel partners. Fast forward two years later, in August 2020, I got an opportunity to scale the project. This entailed working on different languages, across various countries, with multiple partners. Although this project needed extra hours, I grabbed this opportunity.

The team and I spent sleepless nights working on the project. And we successfully delivered the project ahead of schedule. This convinced the client to sign up another project.

I received several accolades. The Project Manager said I was a ‘star’ and felt lucky to have worked with me. Going the extra mile always gives me that extra boost of happiness and nothing beats that feeling.

Free and open based on trust

Kishore Damodara

Technology, Bengaluru, India

In late 2019, I travelled to Ugam’s Bay Area office in California, to work closely with a team serving a client there. The people in the team belonged to different countries and cultures.

Once, during a brainstorming session, we were trying to solve a complex problem. At that point, there were multiple “easy” buttons placed around the room. At the end of the discussion, irrespective of the complexity of the problem we were solving, we had to press the "easy" button that said - "That was easy". And that’s not all - every team member had to repeat it out loud, “Yes, that was easy!”, on pressing the button.

This made everyone laugh, be open with one another and built trust. It was a break from intense discussions and left everyone with a fresh mind.

Flexibility with responsibility

Arpita Sur

Analytics, Mumbai, India

Back in 2011, I had left my job and was at home taking care of my kids. But I missed going to work. I could feel my brain cells dying from lack of use. I had 10 years of analytics experience but could only commit to a part-time contract.

An encounter with Ugam’s founders changed all that. Despite my constraints, they agreed to take a chance on me as a part-time employee. Since then, I’ve delivered on various projects across different industries, with absolute commitment. And yes, I worked from home at times, when a project deadline was looming. But I could choose my timings - which made all the difference. Management showed appreciation by awarding my contribution for three consecutive years at our annual awards night.

It’s no surprise that I’ve been on this joyride for 8 years and counting.

Fun at work

Sumangala Soman

Digital Commerce, Thane, India

In October 2019, the festive season of Diwali was nearing and so was the excitement at our Goregaon office. So, a few of us gathered to plan a Diwali celebration. We decided on a potluck and chose Indian street food as the cuisine.

On the day of the celebration, everyone was dressed in their ethnic best. The office was filled with yummy food, song, and dance.

What was the best part of the day? Someone who recently joined Ugam, said, “This was such a nice celebration. Makes me feel part of a family already.” This reinstated my belief in the importance of ‘fun at work’ and enjoying the journey while carving out your career path. The celebration invoked a sense of belonging and togetherness.

Passion to succeed

Ashwin Pai

Analytics, Bengaluru, India

It was September 2018; I was helping a large Australian retailer optimize freight costs. I travelled to Melbourne to negotiate rates with logistics carriers. I created a framework to assess the feasibility of various logistics carriers. And the assessment highlighted a large carrier’s steep rates. But they were defensive and wanted my framework tested by their data science team.

I spent the next few nights triple-checking my assessment. Finally, I stood my ground and shared my framework with the large carrier. They got back and said my framework was valid. We then negotiated and fixed a rate, leading to millions in savings. The client appreciated that I went beyond.

When you’re passionate about your work, diligent in your efforts, and ready to go beyond with conviction – you will succeed.