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Learn how Essendant improved customer experience by provisioning alternates. Watch our keynote at B2B Online

Learn how a B2B distributor leverages technology & algorithms to provide alternates for 78% of products Download the case study

Learn how a data-driven content enhancement framework helped a manufacturer increase revenue by 46% in a category Download the case study

Learn how a large B2B distributor maintained their leadership position by delivering competitive and transparent prices to customers Download the case study

Learn how machine learning algorithms helped provide accurate and quick bid responses amid fluctuating demand across a complex mix of categories Download the case study



For Retailers

Use big data analytics
to make better decisions about
pricing, assortment, and product content

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For Brands

Protect margins, reputations,
and channel relationships
using big data analytics

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For MR Firms

Get technology-enabled research operations
solutions, including data collection,
analysis, reporting, and visualization

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