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We tested Amazon Echo Dot (Alexa-enabled) and Google Home Mini. Find out how they fared. [Infographic] Are Voice Assistants Ready for Holiday Shopping?

Learn how retailers are experiencing 3% increase in margins with advanced data-driven pricing models in this age of information transparency. Improving Margins with Demand-Driven Pricing Analysis

Evaluate your current technologies, determine the right action plan, as well as migrate over to the new technology. Watch this short video to learn more. Market Research Platform Transition Overview

In this competitive retail market, pricing is only one piece of the puzzle. This report uncovers strategies on improving business performance while staying price competitive. Price Wars: How Retailers Can Compete with Unique Product Assortments and Customer-Segmented Promotions



For Retailers

Use big data analytics
to make better decisions about
pricing, assortment, and product content

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Protect margins, reputations,
and channel relationships
using big data analytics

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Get technology-enabled research operations
solutions, including data collection,
analysis, reporting, and visualization

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